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Why has my playlist been continuously taken down?

Why has my playlist been continuously taken down?

For months my playlist has been continuously taken down for "content policy violations". The automated emails I receive notifying me do not suggest what the problem actually is. I have tried reaching out to no response. This occurs several times a day.
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Hey @chiefsosa 

I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with playlists.

There could be a number of reasons why a playlist would get taken down,all of which can be found in the Terms Of Use found within the app,in the settings menu.

It's usually due to the playlist cover,some are not allowed such as those with politically motivated slogans.

It could also be the title of the playlist, like perhaps it borders on hate speech or there's use of derogatory terms.


In any case, it's best you have a look at those terms to understand what is allowed and what isn't.


You could also try using different titles and covers for the playlist to see if the issue persists.


Thanks for reaching out and happy listening 🎧🖤

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I created a playlist in 2016 and regularly added to it. I got an Email: We have found the following content to be in violation of our content policies, and we have removed it. I read all of the tabs from  and do not see anything I violated. I have asked Spotify Support for specifics on what the violation is with no reponse. Since it was flagged by Spotify, one would reasonably assume Spotify knows what the actual term or condition is.     Questions:

What is the specific violation?

How do I fix it?

Why wasn't I given time to correct it?






Hi! So, I have a playlist dedicated to a pair of fictional characters, and since I put the playlist up, I've had it consistently removed without reason. I don't know how to fix this, as I've renamed it many times and remade the whole playlist once before.


There's nothing wrong with the playlist as far as I can tell. The cover art for the playlist is properly credited. The only thing I could think would be an issue is the album art for the song "bad idea!" by girl in red, but I have several playlists with this same song and I haven't had any issues.


I would really like for this problem to be resolved, because it's frustrating and I've logged out, updated the app, and nothing is working.


The playlist is titled 'icebyrd'

I'm going through the same problem. I read all the terms and didn't see anything that I may have violated. I changed the name of the playlist several times, I changed the cover art several times and the playlist keeps getting taken down.

The playlist is titled "Surf Music" and the last art cover I tried was with a completely blue background and the title "Surf Music" in white Arial font.... what's wrong with it?

I looked for Spotify's support channels, but I didn't find anywhere where I could appeal de decision. 

Do you know where can we appeal for the decision to take down the playlist?

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