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Will play counts combine for Spotify Wrapped?

Will play counts combine for Spotify Wrapped?

It’s my first year using Spotify so this year will be my first Wrapped. I notice Spotify leaves the singles that are released before an album comes out, then has a duplicate track of the same song as part of the album.


For example, prior to Lady Gaga’s “Chromatica” releasing, she put out the “Stupid Love” and “Rain on Me” singles that I played quite a bit. Then, once the album came out, I replaced them in my library with the album versions so I could listen to the album all the way through. I know some artists will have a single edit of a song, but a lot of the time they don’t and it’s the exact same song but duplicated.


My question: When Spotify Wrapped comes out, will the songs rank twice (the single version and album version - although there are no differences) or will the play counts combine since it’s the same song?

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