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Hey. I just figured that I'd post this, here, since I don't know where to report the issue on Spotify's website.


I was checking on the lyrics, for this song:


It shows the lyrics for this song (of the same name):




How does that get fixed?

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I noticed the same problem as well. I am not sure if it's the artist or Spotify is maintaining these lyrics. 


How does one offer their services to correct these lyric misprints? I was listening to Tender and on their song titled “illuminate” they messed up the chorus. It’s supposed to be “I’ll illuminate you with my love” and instead the lyrics are printed as something completely different. It is frustrating cause the song is literally called “illuminate” so it should be obvious what he is saying during that part of the song. Like how do you mess that up? Ha. Just wish I could volunteer to proofread these. As an artist i would be opposed to letting people think the wrong lyrics are the right ones. Any ideas?


Hey folks! 

Welcome to the Spotify Community and sorry for the late response as we just came across this thread.


Since one of the recent updates, the users are able to flag the lyrics of a track. On the mobile app, go to the top right corner of the lyrics to find the Flag icon. After hitting it, you can choose the option to flag the whole lyrics or a part of it. 


However, the lyrics content is added by a provider. If you want to make a report about the wrong lyrics, we'd recommend contacting the provider directly. You can identify the provider by scrolling to the bottom of the lyrics on a song > Licensed & Provided by > _provider name_


If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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