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Wrong lyrics

Wrong lyrics

So today I was listening to a song called "Crimson Day" by Avenged Sevenfold and I noticed something really strange on the lyrics tab. There was only "Instrumental"(The song is far from instrumental) and when I tried to edit the lyrics I couldn't find an edit option. I just wanted to report that error becauce it is rather annoying. Peace

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Musixmatch is one of a few third party services intergrated into the Spotify desktop app and mobile and tablet apps. The other third party service is


You might have to notify musixmatch about this issue through their service. The service has a community so users can send correct lyrics for each song. Might have to give updates some time, like anything music related the service has to get publising rights to each and every song that has copyrighted published lyrics, before the correct lyrics are added to their service for users to actually see in the Spotify apps. 

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