[ads] Irish Spotify ad mentions 8 tracks

[ads] Irish Spotify ad mentions 8 tracks

This is more of an observation, and I'm assuming the ads for Spotify, on Spotify, are regional, and I'd imagine the script is generalised (though in this case the guy in the ad had an Irish accent). Having said that, it's probably worth fixing.

In the ad, he mentions that the listener wouldn't know what an 8 track looks like, while this would technically be true either way, I presume the intention was to imply that younger people wouldn't recognise one. My "issue" is that 8 tracks have never been generally used/available in Ireland; the ads suggestion is redundant, as it's a given that an Irish user wouldn't know what it is.

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Hey there @RunLoganRun!


Could you let me know what you were listening to at the time and roughly when you got this advert and I'll pass it across to the right folks for consideration in the future.


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