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country music

country music

I know this is not P.C. but is there a way to block country music from being streamed to me?

2 Replies

Hey,...... if you haven't already, you might try other radio genres; or a particular artists' station (and then pick and choose who/what you would like add to it; or create your own playlist tailored just as you desire it to be- by adding the works of any band or artist that you want in the list, whether their complete discography or certain particular this process over and over for however many other artists' music you want included, then hit shuffle... if this does not help to address your inquiry, then, perhaps you could provide more context for the circumstances, and we'll go from there... --ProvenTrue7

There are auto-playlists (e.g. American Music Awards) that often include country music. I want to hear all of the music in that playlist EXCEPT for the country music songs.

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