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follow friends ad

follow friends ad

Yo, i didnt know where to post this so here i am:

There is a commercial about following your friends on spotify,which contains a certain song,that i want to know the name of.

here is a link,where you can listen a sample of the mentioned song(the given answer is wrong though).

I would really aprecciate some help on this matter,thank you:)

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Looking for the same song man! Driving me nuts. Fair play for getting the sample though. If I find it I'll let you know!

Nice isn't it. 


'About Blank' by KLC-Magic, 'Karami & Lewis Re-fix'


It's on youtube 




Hello world from Russia

That isn't quite the right song! From the ad you can clearly hear a pitch change in the bassline and a really awesome breakdown of her singing. I've been searching forever now, and I don't think the song exists. Spotify may have done their own remix for the ad.


I would really like to be shown wrong, because I really wanna hear this song.

the answer on (the link provided in the original post) is actually correct. i skimmed through the whole thing and found the exact clip that spotify used (:

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