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how to remove an unofficial remix from my artist page?

how to remove an unofficial remix from my artist page?

hey guys, i was just wondering about something i haven’t seen any questions on.  I recently had an EP released thru a label, with one remix included in the EP. However i saw that recently, someone remixed my song without my knowledge, and not on the record label. 


Spotify for Artists tells me this is one of my upcoming releases, etc. I just want to know if there is a way to get this off of my profile somehow, because i don’t mind that this guy remixed my music, i don’t want to take it down, but i don’t think it’s something i want included in my discography at all.


Thank you!

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Hey there @mortdomed,

You should be able to request a separation through this link which will take you to your Spotify For Artists account and you can request for this to be actioned and it won't appear on your account.


Any issues then let me know.


Keep Well,


Hey, is there a way to only remove a remix from our artist profile, but keep the song linked to us? We need to maintain the song credits, but would like the song to be removed from the "popular" section.

I'll need to do some further research in to this with the right folks, when I have an update I'll be back in touch.

Hey @POA,

I have checked this out with some folks backstage and right now this wouldn't be possible due to the way that Spotify currently creates this data. 


If you need anything else, do let me know. 


kinda figured, but thanks for looking into that!

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