"This Song Is Not available"

"This Song Is Not available"


I have spotify premium and all of the songs I've tried to listen to today won't play - I get a message that says "this song is not available.  If you have the file on your computer you can import it".  What the HECK?  Why is this happening?

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Double check that your Spotify app is not in offline mode, make sure the playlists you are playing music from are not toggled to offline. Premium users are allowed to take music offline for up to 30 days at a time. Try the webplayer here: are you still seeing the issue with playback?

Thank you!


@JayLB: Any other suggestions? Suddenly this morning I'm getting "This song is not available" in the blue bar on the vast majority of my music. The client with the problem is Windows 10 desktop.


* I've logged out and back in
* I've reinstalled the app

* I've tried going offline and back online

* I've tried entering a private session

* I've gone from normal quality to high and back again

* I've tried setting playlists as available offline, but (as expected), it's unable to download them
* All songs work fine on the web and on my iOS devices

* Internet is fine
* App is not in offline mode
* I've tried from my own playlists and stuff I've never even seen before, including my weekly Discover Now playlist, and none of it works
* For a while this morning, a weird subset of songs played, and not others (maybe 1/3 of a long playlist worked)... now, even the ones that worked earlier don't

* I'd say I'm going on hour 5 or so of this being the case


Any suggestions here would be helpful.







Have you tried double checking your sound sources, and seeing if you can switch to a different sound source as the default sound source? I remember some posts on the community, that setting a different sound source as default helps here for this no playback issue with the Spotify desktop app.


And I need a few more bits of information, so if I escalate this issue all information is at hand for the Spotify mods.

1. What is the version of the Spotify desktop app you have?

2. Also are you Premium or an ad supported user?

3. And what listening region you are in currently?





Thanks for the quick response!


Actually, yes, I meant to say that I'd checked the audio output device (I got an Oculus Rift and had changed another app to output to the Rift's headphones instead of my speakers, so I was suspicious that it might be related). My speakers were, and are, the default system output. My suspicion here was tempered with the fact that (at first) SOME tracks were playing fine, as well as other apps and Spotify itself via the web.


Sorry, yes, I should have included the version:


I'm Premium, based in the US (Florida). My account settings are reflective of this (set to US and the correct zipcode). I did wonder about a region problem early on, although at this point it would have to be a region with literally zero songs allowed. 😛

Also, I'll note that I have plenty of drive space (just under 500GB); I tried changing the local storage directory in the settings to a new one with full permissions just in case something went wrong there, but no dice.


I'm still a little suspicious of the Rift-related stuff, but it's still a bit odd that it was able to play some songs for a while, the web works, and other apps play audio fine on this system. It's perplexing.





I escalated the issue for you, maybe the Spotify mods might have some ideas what to do next. Hang tight for while.



I just remembered have you tried re-installing the full offline installer from here:



Thanks for escalating! As for the full installer, when I ran the one you posted, it looked the same as what I had used earlier (i.e. it was 381KB and did additional downloading when I ran it). Did you mean this one (49MB)?


I did just try both, at your suggestion, with and without uninstalling the existing instance first, but unfortunately to no avail. Thanks much for the thought, though!




I didn't have a chance to follow up before now, but I wanted to pop back in to say that from the first time I fired up the app today, everything worked fine, and it still is.


So... if anyone happens on this later (or if the issue reoccurs for me), I'd still like to know why it happens and if there's any way to fix it locally, or if we just have to wait 12 or 24 or 48 hours for the problem to go away on its own.


At any rate, whether or not that answer's forthcoming, I appreciate all your help, JayLB!



Well, good to read, keep an eye out if this should happen again. Could be that when I escalated this issue, someone on the Spotify staff took a looksie to see what might have been up with your account?




Seems like it very well could be the case! I wasn't sure if you generally get a response from them directly, or if they ever post here, but your escalation of the issue can't have hurt. Thanks again!


I have the same problem. I tried all of the suggestion, but it still doesn't work :-(.

I can play songs from comp on my phone, but not on my computer.


Please, escalate the problem.





I am sorry. Spotify was blocked by windows firewall. I found out this after reboot.

But I got the error a few days ago, the reboot resolved this too, but it wasn't the firewall problem. And I can't reboot machine every few days.





Our developers are aware of this issue and they're investigating backstage. 


We'll keep you in the loop and update you as soon as we know more. 





Just doing a check in to ask if your issue has resolved itself or if you are still having issues with playback mentioned in this thread?


I've had this problem a few times in the past couple of weeks. The Windows 10 desktop app was working fine for me earlier today, but now just speeds through any playlist without actually playing anything or displaying any error messages. I uninstalled and reinstalled on 7/14/16 and the issue had apparently been resolved by that until today. When I look in my PC's Apps & features system settings, it shows that the Spotify app is unavailable.

Why would that be? I've made no changes to my computer since the 14th and am curious why this seems to be happening arbitrarily. I shouldn't have to remove and reinstall the app in order to use it, should I? I can't imagine that's the expected/acceptable behavior of the software.


I clicked the link you provided in an earlier response to play through the web browser service, but that isn't working, either. I included a screenshot of it showing a song as though it's playing and the time doesn't advance.

Spotify web player not playing.png




Hey again, long time no talk. The problem DID go away for me mysteriously, like we discussed last time... but as of yesterday it's back. I've gotten 5-10 emails from Spotify about newly released music, but none of them have played for me. Same error: "This song is not available. If you have the file on your computer you can import it."


And same as last time, it's not like everything died at once; I'd have a few songs in my playlist not work, but most were fine. But those few were harbingers of what was to come, as more and more of the playlist became unplayable.


I haven't done the whole rigamarole that I did last time - firewall fiddling, app reinstalling, twiddling all the settings, etc. - since none of it helped and it was solved magically. Seems like, as you say, it's server-side for Spotify. 

BUT, just as last time, it's client-specific. I can play those same tracks from my iPhone with no issues at all... unless, that is, I direct the phone to play it through the PC, in which case it fails again. The Win10 app being anywhere in the process kills it.


I too have this issue, started a couple of weeks ago solely through the Android app.  At first it seemed like it was limited to just new music but now its a widespread problem.  Songs i've downloaded will still play but the rest is a lottery,  At the minute the app is pretty useless so unless anyone has any ideas on how to fix this then i might as well cancel the subscription.


i have the solution .. well for me anyways.

i went into my sound settings by right clicking the volume icon going playback devices , right clicked on my default device, in the tabs was one for enhancements, mine was set to disable all enhancements.. i unticked this and it worked.

i also had a custom dns server setu which i set back up to default which could possibly have helped but now mine works perfectly.


ps this is under windows 10 with the app!

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