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"This podcast is already on Spotify." - But it isn't :(

"This podcast is already on Spotify." - But it isn't :(

Hey Community,


since I've already tried to contact Spotify Podcast through email twice and I didn't get an answer, I hope to get my issue solved right here.


I've added my Podcast show successfully through Podcasters for Spotify longer time ago. Everything went well until my RSS feed provider made some changes and had an error for apprx. 12 hours. From this time, spotify removed my Podcast.


The RSS feed issue got fixed and I tried to re-add my podcast on Spotify again. But everytime, I add the rss feed + info, I receive the following message:

"This podcast is already on Spotify.

Contact your Spotify podcast account manager or reach us at"

As I said, I tried to contact Spotify through their email twice, but no answer and help from their side.

I got messages and questions from my community daily, when the podcast comes back. So every day is pretty important for me!

It would means a lot, if somebody could help me out with this problem.


Thanks a lot in advance!

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Nobody can help me?

I'm waiting for a reply as well, having the same issue.

How long do you wait for their answer?
I already contacted the podcast team twice and received no answer till today.
Also I contacted the normal spotify team twice - both times they respond, but the first time they said, I should wait longer to get a reply by the podcast team and the 2nd time they said, they can't help me, I should write an email to the podcast team (no, really - that's what I already did two times)

Hi I currently have the very same issue. Is your problem solved already? Because I tried to contact Podcaster Support too but I got no answer. If you already find a way to fix this problem, please kindly help me too because I’m so hopeless. Thank you so much.






Hi Mario,


It isn't solved. In fact they removed my podcast completely, due to violations with rights, because it mostly contained music.  Perhaps this had a relation to the error in the subject.




There is no way to rollback.

As many users I had the same issue.

Below the whole communication starting upper by the initial Spotify received answer after having contacted them when I discovered that my, whole podcasts shows were removed and in footer my following answer (simply ignored by's sad)

Spotify received answer

"Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out. 

We’ve reviewed your podcasts and unfortunately we‘ve had to remove them from Spotify for Podcasters. Spotify for Podcasters isn't intended to be used to distribute music tracks, DJ mixes, or similar musical content, regardless of the licensing state of your music. 

In an effort to enable all creative artists the opportunity to live off their art, creators who wish to share their music on Spotify should use a music distributor.

We recommend using one of our preferred providers. Check out Spotify for Artists to get started.

Spotify Podcast Support"

Then my following answer

"Dear Spotify team,

Thank you for your answer.

It is unfortunate that you have deleted my podcasts contents.
Like other platforms, you were very happy to find such free podcasts contents to build your audiences a few years ago when you were just at your beginning.

As a matter of fact today Spotify has made a big cleaning das its catalog (I have seen many other content who are musically very qualitative that have been however recently deleted from your podcast database) to keep only the podcasts "of your choice" which are without doubt income generators and in your interest because they are hosted on your ‘so called’ preferred providers.

I’m being to therefore terminate my Spotify Duo Premium subscription to free plan and will switch all my Podcasts content to SoundCloud in addition of existing others distribution channels like Deezer, Apple Music, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts...who are still properly distribute my free of use podcasts contents."

Has it appeared? I'm having the same issue and I have been waiting for 5/6 days and I don't know what to do because Spotify said that my podcast would appear between 2-5 days but it hasn't. Please let me know/

Has it appeared? I'm having the same issue and I have been waiting for 5/6 days and I don't know what to do because Spotify said that my podcast would appear between 2-5 days but it hasn't. Please let me know/

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