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remove ads that trigger neurodivergent people

remove ads that trigger neurodivergent people

ads with eating like those crunchy ass doritos ads or that stupid ad campaign from kfc where they only played in the left ear trigger autistic people with hypersensitivity

ads where some prick talks at you and tries to be self-aware about your music choices or whatever the fuck triggers people with psychosis, those ones with "hey there non-premium listener, i know youre smart with your money aha, you probably need a bank, join our bank" or "music doesnt always help you sometimes you need to buy my product"

you assholes rake in ad money while i convince my little brother to come out of a caccoon he made in his wardrobe. fuck all you bitches and your shitty advertisement moderation team.
2 Replies

Hello, we understand that advertising can be unpleasant and trigger unwanted reactions in some people. However, it's important to remember that advertising is a way for companies to sustain themselves and continue offering their products and services.


We apologize if any ads have caused discomfort or negatively affected you while using Spotify. We understand that ad moderation is important to ensure that the ads displayed are appropriate and meet the platform's policies.


And yes, it is possible to moderate ads on Spotify. The platform has strict guidelines on the content that is allowed to be displayed in its advertising network. All ads go through a pre-analysis and are evaluated for their quality, suitability, and compliance with Spotify's advertising policies.


How to do it:

Spotify users do not have direct control over ad moderation, as this is a responsibility of Spotify's advertising moderation team. However, you can help improve the quality of ads by reporting any inappropriate or offensive content that you come across during your platform usage experience.


To report an ad on Spotify, you can follow these steps:

Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the ad.

Select "Report Ad".

Choose the option that best describes the reason for your report.

Add any additional details or information that may be helpful in evaluating the ad.

Click "Submit".


By reporting an ad, you help Spotify's advertising moderation team to identify and remove inappropriate ads or violations of the platform's advertising policies. This helps to improve the user experience and ensure that only relevant and appropriate ads are displayed.


Best regards and have a great week!

That would be good advice IF the three dots did something when clicked during an ad.

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