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requesting a sound track is put on spotify


requesting a sound track is put on spotify

I see that doom has its offical sound track on spotify and I was wondering how to request that the darksouls 3 offical soundtrack be put on spotify or at least 3 of my favroite songs that id like to see on there the Main menu theme, the epilogue,  and the secret betrayal are my 3 favorite but it is an absoultly amazing soundtrack that i would love to see on spotify 


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Hi @Ardragonite,


Spotify aims to have all the great music out there available to eager listeners. You could try getting in contact with the people responsible for the music of Darksouls 3 perhaps?

As far as I know, soundtrack releases coincide with the release of the video game/film itself. If I can't find a video game/film soundtrack song(s), I'll listen to them on Soundcloud or YouTube.




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I could never find it 

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