what recording system does spotify use to record vinyl LPs?

what recording system does spotify use to record vinyl LPs?

hearing the occasional scratches on the lp sources for a recording makes me wonder what turnatable , cartridge etc spotify uses to upload vinyl .

Anyone know? 

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Can you maybe provide some song links to which tracks might have this issue with occasional scratches?



The most recent scratchy recording was Frank Strozier album 'Waltz of the Demons' 



opening track has a fair smattering of small clicks. 


but they occur on many tracks in the album 



My interest was in what turntabkle and cartidge is used to record them (digitise)





try this tune


around 5 to 6 minutes .

Hum, I do not seem to have access to that release version by Charly Records, sounds like an off the wall bootleg outfit?


How about this release can you play this and how is the sound quality?:



I am in the middle of a playlist and Jazz might not mix so well with the content, but it might, Pyschic TV. 🙂 Themes 4 has some Jazzy stuff going on in it's mix. Anyway give me a bit to see if this recording is scratchy too.


Also content is provided as is by the labels, Spotify does not do any thing other then play the content in 320 kbps OGG Vorbis format.

thanks for the alternative version of Strozier. it sounds different. it plays at a lower pitch!!!!! for one thing.  it also sounds different , probably not taken from a vinyl recording.  



i did not understand your comments about your playlist. 



the fact that spotify simply deal with files received from other sources makes sense. 





Great to here, glad it worked.



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