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Accessibility of Linux Client

Accessibility of Linux Client


I installed the Spotify client for linux, and noticed that it is using GTK as the toolkit (it was a dependency). 

I am a blind user, and theoreticly, the spotify client should be accessible to Orca (the Gnome screen reader that I use to read the screen), as GTK has accessibility built in by default. However, I was unable to use the Linux client with Orca. It is as if the accessibility information of GTK is not reaching Orca. Might the Spotify client be blocking the accessibility stack (AT-SPI/ATK) somehow? Or is ATK perhaps not enabled in the Spotify client at build time? I got a message on the console "GTK accessibility module initialised" when Spotify started, but as I said, the Window is compleatly blank to Orca.

I would really apreciate it if one of the Linux devs can have a look at that whenever you have time. I suspect it's something small that's just not turned on/missing from the build.







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The desktop Spotify client is primarily based on the Chromium Embedded Framework, so it may be that CEF isn't supporting it.

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