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Advanced Settings Not Saving After Update

Advanced Settings Not Saving After Update



After updating to the Linux desktop client that was released mid December 2017, various advanced settings such as crossfade and volume normalization are defaulting to a disabled state.  If I enable them, and then set their preferences, they work... However, if I close the Spotify application and reopen it, my settings are not saved and the advanced settings default to disabled again.


I noticed that OSX users are having the same issue recently (as of December 17th).  Any suggestions?  These features all used to work flawlessly prior to the latest update.


Thanks for any assistance!


7 Replies

yep.. same issue here. bugged version for sure. 

Same Here. I have some problems with local music (button to add local music is not responsive) and strange behaviors with some drop down menus (I have to use the keyboard, left click is not working)...

Good to know I'm not the only one having this issue. 🙂 Hopefully Spotify fixes this soon.  I''m running Spotify version (

I can reproduce the problem. It has been fixed in 1.0.71 which will be released in a week or so.

Thank you for the heads-up.  Much appreciated! 😄

Hi, thanks for investigating.


Crossfade settings are now saved and displayed correctly.

But the actual crossfading is still not happening.

I'm on version


I tried switching between tracks, next/prev track and switching to another playlist. I also tried online and offline with downloaded tracks too. Result is always the same, abrupt stop and then the other track starts without crossfading.


ps.: Windows Desktop and Android has the exact same issue. Settings are saved correctly, but no crossfade.

Crossfade only occurs when a track ends and a new track starts unless they are after each other on the same album, in which case it will try to do gapless playback to support albums which have no silence between tracks.


Crossfade and gapless playback might also work slightly differently when you control another client with Spotify Connect.


Manually pressing forward/backward does not crossfade and it never has in Spotify.



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