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Album art missing from notifications

Album art missing from notifications




United Kingdom (England)



Operating System

Debian Sid (GNOME 3.36)


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The album art is missing from the notifications on the desktop. This issue started randomly while using GNOME 3.34 and has persisted into GNOME 3.36. I couldn't pick up and errors at all from the client.

Screenshot from 2020-04-07 10-42-33.png
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Yeah I've noticed this issue too - it looks like the URL returned by MPRIS is no longer valid.

I'm experiencing the same issue. The URL currently reported by MPRIS looks like<song ID> . Looking at the web inspector, it seems like<song ID> is the correct URL.

For me (Lubuntu 20.04 / LXQt) it shows all the wrong album art in the notifications (doesn't match the client).

I am missing the artwork in the notification too. Here's a screenshot.
It's been happening for a long while.
Info: kernel 5.8.5-arch1-1, Gnome 3.36.5-1, Spotify (premium)

is there any quick fix for this??

Have had this same issue for about a year. On Elementary OS Hera 5.1.7 and now on Fedora 33 using Gnome 3.38.5.

Any suggestions?

It's a known bug for a longer time ...

Spotify provides wrong URL for cover art... I don't know if they ever plan to fix it...

Hey guys,
the issue is fixed for me in the Spotify client version 1.1.67

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