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Application scaling on Linux

Application scaling on Linux

I love that you guys are building and supporting the Spotify Linux app. I'm using Ubuntu with Gnome and a laptop with a 4K display. The support for 4K/HiDPI screens is getting better and better on Linux. Now a some apps even rescale automatically when I change from the laptop screen where the scaling is set to 200 % to an external screen where I use 100 % scaling. Would it be possible to have scaling in the Spotify App also? It is a little be hard to read the text on a 4K screen now.





Laptop 4K display


Operating System

Ubuntu 18.04 Gnome 3.28


Screenshot from 2018-08-14 07.45.44@2x.png
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Start spotify with:


... or whatever fits.
It won't do any magic rescaling when moving it to another screen but atleast you'll be able to read it.


A solved thread with some more info, specifically about the snap-package towards the end, can be found here:

Thanks that worked.

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