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CLI Command to refresh UI

CLI Command to refresh UI




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Ubuntu 18.04


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For context, I use this fantastic CLI tool called Spicetify-CLI ( It allows me to customize the look/theme of the client to match my system theme. I've attached a screenshot for anyone interested.


When I set a new theme with Spicetify (In order to see the new theme), I have to refresh the client's UI using the CTRL+SHIFT+R keyboard shortcut.


I am wondering if there is a way I can refresh the client's UI from the Command Line, so I don't have to use the keyboard shortcut to see the new theme. I already have a script that runs after I apply a theme which refreshes my entire system to use the new theme, and Spotify is currently the only application which requires a manual refresh.

Screenshot from 2019-09-02 12-47-47.png
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