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Cannot drag and drop to reorder playlists or songs

Cannot drag and drop to reorder playlists or songs

1: on Debian.


I am suddenly unable to reorder by drag and drop:


 - songs within my playlists

 - playlists in the sidebar or folders


I have tried:


 - Turning on and off all the column sorting options (I understand that you cannot reorder anything when they are on)

 - Uninstalling and reinstalling

 - Downgrading and upgrading

 - Turning off ui.experience_override="classic"

 - Wiping out cache and preferences entirely

 - Changing my password and logging out every session


Nothing has had any effect so far. I can initiate a drag, but (for songs), it acts like I'm in a playlist that I cannot write to (another user's, non-collaborative). Normally, in that case, I can still drop on a playlist I do have write permission on, but now I can't do that either.


No issues with the web player or iOS, other than the usual level of misery for each.


Addendum: I thought to try making one my my playlists collaborative, in case the client simply thinks I'm authed as someone else. No luck.


Further update: adding and removing songs by other methods works. Songs can be added through non-drag-and-drop methods: right-click menu on a song (Add To Playlist -> drill down thru hierarchical playlist menus), or the "ADD" button in the Recommended Songs section. This is better than nothing, but my primary issue is reordering, not adding.

5 Replies

U cant do it on others playlist, only on your playlists .I think maybe its a bug you should try reinstalling spotify or restart the pc.

Thanks for your response! I have added a word to clarify that I addressed both of those in the post.

If your playlist is sorted by anything other than custom (such as by title, artist, or added date) then you won't be able to drag and drop or re-sort until you click back to your original/custom sort order.

Thank you! Once again, it already said that in the post. I would appreciate it if you could read what you are responding to first!

I'm currently having the same issue. It has been working, and was earlier today, and it stopped. All troubleshooting has had no result, same as you experienced. I have not been able to find any solution yet.

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