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Cannot sort artists by "date added" since UI update

Cannot sort artists by "date added" since UI update


since the latest UI update I cannot sort artists by "date added" anymore. The "Sort by" dropdown has only one option and that is "Name". It was very handy to always see the artists you added last. Now they just disapear in the bottomless pit that is my artists page.


I'm on (Arch) Linux running Spotify




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Can not reproduce:



I don't think it is intended. I will try to ask someone who is working on this why it could happen.

I tried clicking on it and then using the arrow keys. That works. So, what's not working for me is the dropping of the dropdown.

Ah, I wonder if this is related to the settings menu bug.


Can you open settings by clicking on the menu top right and then click on Settings?


The settings dropdown works for me.

Now it's back at where I have to click the dropdown and select wth the arrow keys, because it wouldn't actually drop down.


Additionally I now seem to have the "settings bug".


Version is on Arch Linux

It works now.

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