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Chromecast on Linux now works with mkchromecast

Chromecast on Linux now works with mkchromecast

Theres a new tool just released this week that can help linux users casting from our desktop to Chromcast. And this one actually works.

I've been running it for of a day now on my Ubuntu 16.04, the only problem i have is that the indicator doesn't work yet so i have to run it from terminal.


Got it here.



I had dependensy problems but installed them manually as described on omgubuntu.


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Hi. I am the developer of mkchromecast. I opened an issue in the github's bug tracker After a feedback in the report, I realized I hadn't put `python-pyqt5` as a dependency but as a suggested package. Could you test if installing the aforementioned package solve the problem?. 



We talked earlier on G+ today,  I just wanted to promote your good work. 😉


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