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Client randomly resets on certain searches

Client randomly resets on certain searches

When searching for songs in Spotify for Linux (version, running on Arch Linux) sometimes the entire screen fades out and resets to the "browse" screen, emptying the search bar. This is without submitting the search bar by pressing return or clicking. 


I can currently consistently trigger this with one of the following queries:


  • "zw" (adding an a quickly enough prevents the crash)
  • "nor" (once again, quickly adding "ah" prevents the problem)
  • "cat" (have not managed to type any suffix fast enough)

Adding prefixes prevents the problem, like typing a two parted name with the second part first.


What can I do to fix this?

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You can probably not fix this. It sounds like a bug in the client. I can't reproduce it, but I am using Ubuntu 16.04, not Arch Linux.


Another Arch user has reported the same or similar problem here:


I am guessing "adding quickly" means type something before the search suggest windows pops up? In that case I guess the client probably crashes because it can't render something in the results, something out of the ordinary. like a non-ascii or astral plane unicode or a badly encoded image.


For instance. Can you navigate to this playlist in client without it crashing?


Click the link and/or paste the url into the searchbox.


Astral unicode sounds likely


zw finds this playlist for me:

Weird unicode appears to be the problem indeed. Navigating to this playlist succesfully crashes it in the same way.


Not being able to render the title is weird, though, as it renders fine in my browser, (Chromium 51) as seen in the attached screenshot.

Screenshot from 2016-06-09 10-00-09.png

Thanks for confirming. I can't promise when it will be fixed, but at least we should be able to reproduce the crash by installing Arch and running a debug build of the client there. That will help to narrow down the issue.

Do you run the 32-bit or 64-bit version of the client?

I'm using the 64 bit version.

Can you give me all the information about your system like Window Manager, kernel etc?

DM: Gnome 3.20.1, using the (default) aidawata theme

X11: 1.18.3

Pulseaudio: 8.0

Locale: en_GB.utf-8

Kernel: Linux 4.6.2


I installed spotify using the AUR package.


Furthermore, I just noticed that the problem does not occur on a pretty much identically installed machine. The only (relevant) difference between the two is the fonts installed. I will see if I can do some elimination there.

EDIT: Nevermind, it just crashes more slowly.

Another Arch user here, also installed via the AUR package. The Unicode angle is an interesting lead.


wm: dwm

xorg-server: 1.18.3

pulseaudio: 8.0

locale: en_US.UTF-8

kernel: 4.5.6-ck

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