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Connection Issues on linux - Free ISP

Connection Issues on linux - Free ISP






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Hi ! Since some days, when I am using spotify, I usually get a message than I cannot display playlist because I am offline "Artist playlist are not available offline". And the page shown switches between "artists/music pages" and "Artist playlist are not available offline", very often.


The thing is... I have internet, and the music is still playing.


To me, (tell me if I am right or wrong), it may be the charge of the spotify server (google cloud) or interconnections that are overcrowded with the lock-downs ?


When I have "Artist playlist are not available offline", my impression is that Spotify is making connection check (maybe  IP ping ? ) and it is not done successfully, even if the music is still playing.

When I get the error 4, even if I am connected, I guess that there is interconnection issues with my ISP (free in France) and google cloud platform (spotify).


I just did a speedtest I have a bandwith of 120 Mbps / 25 Mbps, so I does not seems to come directly from my internet access, but more from spotify/google cloud/free.


Can you help me ?

Can I get the IP / domain used by the auto check, or even the domain/ip used by the player to play the music. I could do some tracert and ping to see if there is a problem 🙂

Thanks you,

Greeting from France, Have a great day 🙂

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