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Correct the highlighted errors and try again

Correct the highlighted errors and try again

I'm getting this all the times, it prevented me from sending my original message and just deleted it instead of letting me edit it. I just cannot think about saving my posts in an external editor before sending them, and it is too time consuming because copy/pasting works sometimes, sometimes not, forcing me to repeat. Why is it failing to send posts and removing the post instead of telling me what's wrong and let me fix it?

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I am using firefox on windows, though i saw that you posted this in the linux section a bit too late. But i often have the same problem when trying to reply or post on this site.


I copy my text to a .txt file or similar before trying to post just to be sure. But it sure is annoying. I have tried to remove pictures, rename pictures (removing numbers), text, parentheses, commas and rewrite my whole text, to no avail.

I am also curious to know why this is happening. The "message body contains  , ..." isn't that a helpful message to get when it is pointing to everything or the last part of your whole reply.

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