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Dead menu in Linux desktop app

Dead menu in Linux desktop app

I've got a strange issue that I can't find anywhere online. 


I have the Spotify desktop app, and it works fine for playing, but for some reason the "menu" in the top-right corner under my username does not react to clicking. 


So I can't access my account, or the global options, and I cannot start a private session. I also can't log out.


No obviously relevant complaints in the text output if I start it from a console. Spotify 1.0.something, Linux Mint desktop. Problem is at least several months old.

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Hey @tryngsft,


Welcome to Spotify Community!

Can you please attach screenshot of the issue,so I can take a look?

Thank you! : )

Screenshot attached. I have the tiny menu in the top-right corner unfolded and an item highlighted, but if I click it, nothing happens.

Screenshot from 2016-08-22 15:22:54.png

@tryngsft wrote:

Screenshot attached. I have the tiny menu in the top-right corner unfolded and an item highlighted, but if I click it, nothing happens.

I remember we had this problem with 1.0.23 or similar.


What is your spotify version? Start it from the command line with --version flag:



spotify --version


Spotify version, Copyright (c) 2016, Spotify Ltd


Note that Spotify also does not appear on the "applications bar" at the bottom of the screen (as can be seen from my screenshot).


Strangely enough, yesterday it was working, but today again it isn't. (I know that's not very helpful as debugging information. Sorry.)

The next time it hangs and the next time it is working, can you type these into the search bar




to double check the version (to really make sure it is the same version when it is hanging and working), and




to see if you can access the settings like that without going through the menu.




Not appearing the task/application bar is a different known bug that might be related to the WM_CLASS problem.


I have seen it reported by Cinnamon users and moving the app between workspaces might make it come back.

I have so far not seen it work again.


spotify:about reports version


spotify:settings works (thanks for the tip!), but the menu items are still dead.

I've got the same exact problem with Spotify for Linux on Fedora 24, installed from the official packages. The menu is visible but none of the menu items does anything (private session, account, settings and log out). spotify:settings works.


The problem is not solved by deleting spotify's configuration (on Fedora, in ~/.config/spotify).


Starting spotify from the command line, no log messages come out when clicking on the menu items.


The issue is not recent, I've had it with previous versions too but never had the time to come here to share.


Please don't ask for screenshots without a good reason because there's nothing to see.

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