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Deb file host unreliable

Deb file host unreliable


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The .deb file host ( seems to be unreliable and go down for a few days every once and a while. The files will start to download, but then the host will close the connection.


Obviously I'm not trying to download this file 24/7 so I don't know exactly how many times, or for how long, the host has gone down. But just since I started tracking this issue it's gone down on 1/21/2021 for at least a day, and just recently on 2/15/2021 it went down and has not recovered.

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I have noticed the same problem, its been somewhat frustrating as i wanted only the .deb file and don't want to add the spotify repos. There is a flatpak version of the spotify app
though you need flatpak installed on your system and it still dosent install as a standard .deb file so it dosent work for what i want.

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