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Diffrences in playlist songs count and total time

Diffrences in playlist songs count and total time

Hello at first i want to say sorry for my English i'm form Poland. 🙂


And now to the real issue. Why Spotify 0.9.17 on my Gentoo and Spotify 1.0.3 on my Windows 7 are showing differences in playlists?


Different song count and diffrent total length.


Linux: 6,102 songs, 305 hours and 40 minutes.

Windows: 6.096 songs and about ~450 hours.



PS. Also sorting via alphabeticall order is little different in Linux and Windows.

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Mine is showing that my friends playlist has 78 songs on it but only 40 are shown and played... Halo






Might try going into the settings of the app, and toggle the slider to the green color to Show unavailable tracks in playlists under Display Options in the app settings. And now can you see all tracks?

I do not see a display setting option in the app :-l I'm using mobile.

i need help to figure out how many hours are in 455 songs on my playlist 

Hey @lilli23 

Your playlist should show the total duration, directly under the title and description of the playlist:



The only list that doesn't show duration is Liked Songs. With this one you need to use a workaround, which is using Ctrl + A to copy all the songs, and then sending them all to some empty / new playlist.


Hope this helps, have a lovely day!

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