Discover Weekly broken on Linux!

Discover Weekly broken on Linux!





Operating System

Ubuntu XFCE - 16.04.6 LTS
App Versions Tested on :
Spotify version - Both Debian & Snap Packages

My Question or Issue (s)

1. Discover Weekly is broken on Linux - Debian version

My Discover Weekly playlist functionality is broken on Spotify Linux. This is an issue from last 2 weeks. I assumed it was some issue with licensing as Spotify was just released here, but it isnt.

I can see all the songs on the "Discover Weekly" playlist on Windows/Android/iOS version of the app, but I only see 8 songs on the Linux app. No other playlists have the issue. I cannot use Spotify Connect, and play songs from Android/iOS either to the Linux app. The playlist appears broken, please check attached screenshot.

2. All Playlists empty on Linux Snap Version
Because of the aforementioned issue, I tried using the Snap Version of the app, and that shows as all my playlists as empty! 

For both the issues I've tried clearing caches/reinstall/tried different accounts but the issue persists. I understand Spotify on Linux isn't officially supported and its a project by the awesome devs who use it while coding Spotify. But please look into these issues as I use Linux as a daily driver on my oldish Laptop while coding and surfing, and Spotify is an integral part of the experience. Thankyou in advance!



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I'm on the snap app version on OpenSUSE and cannot reproduce this.
Is your Discover Weekly playlist still affected?

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