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Dropdown menu not showing

Dropdown menu not showing






Ubuntu 21.04 64 bits (AMD® Ryzen 3 pro 2200g with radeon vega graphics × 4)

Operating System

Ubuntu 21.04 64 bits (AMD® Ryzen 3 pro 2200g with radeon vega graphics × 4)


My Question or Issue

After updating the spotify app to the version 1.1.68 the dropdown menu in the setting don't allow me to change anything. I click on it and nothing happens.

6 Replies

I have the same problem. None of the dropdowns work on Ubuntu 21.04, installed with snap. Tried both the stable and edge versions.

Same issue. I thought it might be somehow connected with the Wayland interface... Still no solution for us?.. (

Guys, the solution is quite simple. ) Point the mouse arrow on the specific menu and hit 'space'. It will drop down the menu. )))

Can repro, not using snap (of course, ew) and I also use wayland, the space works but thats an awful workaround

Thank you so much, that solution is so dumb and I wonder what the issue is, but it works

On my system, the 'space key' workaround does display a dropdown, but it's just a grey box and it causes the app to stop responding completely.


This is a significant bug on a release officially packaged by Spotify, it's pretty discouraging that they don't seem interested in fixing it.

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