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Error code 117 on Ubuntu Desktop

Error code 117 on Ubuntu Desktop

Hi, since yesterday I've been getting the error code 117 (not 17 as many others are!) when trying to use my Spotify Desktop client for Ubuntu (installed via snap). This problem seems a bit bizarre and I'm fairly certain that there's a local data snippet somewhere I need to delete to fix it, I just don't know what.


- The desktop client works whenever I use a VPN. It doesn't work when I don't use a VPN.

- The mobile client works without a problem.

- I've tried it on my home network as well as tethered to my mobile (on which the client works)

- The web player works without a problem.

- I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, deleting all files that I can find and are associated with Spotify.


I'm in Malaysia, so there is a very real chance that the government/ISP has somehow managed to block the desktop app but nothing else. Any help on resolving the issue would be appreciated.







Dell XPS 13

Operating System

Ubuntu 16.04

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I have exatly th esame problem. If I find a solution, I'll post it.

[K]Ubuntu 18.04, using Windscribe VPN. Spotify Linux client works with VPN enabled, but goes offline without it. I suspect it's a cache issue and will investigate further.

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