[Feature Request] Option to start Spotify Linux as a Spotify Connect Service


[Feature Request] Option to start Spotify Linux as a Spotify Connect Service



First, thank's a lot for you Premium Linux APP.

I have some requests to improve my using of the APP to listen high fidelity.


1) There are some good alternatives to create Spotify connect daemon on linux (spotifyd for exemple) but I would like to find this fonctionnality as a parameter command of the official Spotify linux app. I use an Android Smartphone to command to the Spotify Linux connected to DAC... The app is very heavy and slow on netbook and loading all the stuff is not necessary just to run as a server Spotify connect. With this option, all the others app become useless.

2) if the 1) is to difficult, maybe an option to launch the Spotify Connect Server before having loaded all the interface

3) I would appreciate an option as high-fidelity player to have a bigger audio buffer/ adding some latence but with more streaming quality to hifi DAC and converters.

4) I would appreciate a parameter to precise bit depth outptut. According that the conversion and normalisation are internaly done at bit depth superior as the initial audio bitdepth, I would like that spotify output for exemple a 24 bitdepth normalized audio insted of a 16bit. Righ now I prefer to deactivate all volume and normalization.


I use the spotify testing repository. I hope I will have to test new functionnalities soon!!









Android Smarphone, netbook linux

Operating System

Android 7 / linux Debian testing