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How do I start Spotify minimized in Ubuntu (Mint 19)?

How do I start Spotify minimized in Ubuntu (Mint 19)?

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Country USA

Device Linux PC

Operating System Mint 19


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I had spotify set to start minimized in Mint 18 but after the upgrade to 19 it shows up right in the middle of my media player program. The system is a keyboardless media player so attaching a keyboard to minimize one app is super annoying. 


How do I set spotify up to start minimized? There is no setting for this. In fact the place that setting would be is an empty group. 

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xdotool is your best friend when all other friends have left you ... and by friends I mean settings ... and by settings I mean, no ... err, ok.


The last answer to this: should do the trick.

Something like:

spotify &
xdotool search --sync --onlyvisible --class "spotify" windowminimize

Though you obviously need to change the class/classname to whatever Spotify uses. Xdotool search should be able to help with this as well.

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