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Huge stderr output on Linux client

Huge stderr output on Linux client



I'm sorry if this was already reported but I couldn't find much posts searching with either stdout/stderr or .xsession-errors.


The Linux spotify client (either or 1: outputs a *lot* of logs on stderr (standard error output). When you run it from a menu, for example, all those logs end up in the standard ~/.xsession-errors file, which usually grows to  gigabytes in few days. You can spot a lot of people asking about this (search for “spotify xsession-errors” on a search engine).


It's easy enough to run spotify 2>/dev/null from command line, but it'd be nice if the default way to start it would include something like that. I'm unsure if you can put the redirect in the .desktop file, but at least having a quiet option enabled by default would help (with a verbose/debug one available so if one needs to ask for more logs it's doable too).

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