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Installation for CentOS 7

Installation for CentOS 7

Hello guys,


  Is there any stable version for CentOS 7. I found this topic, but the related file is empty and the source is dead. The official download link for Linux has just Ubuntu installation. I need a repository that works with yum command. I' ve found a guide but am not satisfied with its performance, sometimes application freezes.


Thank you.

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This commands worked for me!

yum install {snip - Community Moderator edit}

yum install spotify-client 


Works perfect for CentOS 7!


thanks !! 

You should be able to use DNF instead.


Also, look for a Red Hat or Fedora installation file, or instructions how to install it, and you'll be fine.

Worked like a charm for me.

it works very well (CentOs7).. thanks!

I do not recommend installing third party software because I had the password / email from my premium account changed and I had to ask for the support to change having to show the payment voucher of the same

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