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[Linux Client] Error loading Facebook friends

[Linux Client] Error loading Facebook friends

OS: Ubuntu Gnome 16.04

Spotify Linux Client version: 1.x (latest from Spotify repo)


Clicking FIND FRIENDS on the Friend feed shows this error screen.


Does not occur on Spotify Linux Client version 0.9 from Ubuntu repo.


It seems to be connected to FB. Confirmed from FB App settings.


Any thoughts from any linux developers on a soultion? I suspect this is a bug.


UPDATE: Purged and reinstalled with latest test build 1.0.45xx - Same issue but now my profile image and name are displayed in the client.

Screenshot from 2016-12-25 13-10-49.png
Screenshot from 2016-12-25 13-12-54.png
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Note I am able to share a song to my FB feed with no problem. Just can't send a song to a FB friend since it doesn't know I have any.

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