[Linux] Desktop notifications buggy when playing music on another device


[Linux] Desktop notifications buggy when playing music on another device


My current setup to have the Spotify app open on my computer running Ubuntu while playing music on my phone. The desktop notifications that appear when a song changes are not working properly when I'm playing music on my phone (they work fine if I'm playing music directly on the Ubuntu app).



1) If I open the app and then immediately start playing music on my phone, every notification will show the album of the first track I started playing. The artist and title are blank, but the album art updates correctly.

2) If I start playing music on the Ubuntu app first, then switch to my phone, the info on every subsequent notification is a copy of the last song that I played on the Ubuntu app itself (album art still updates correctly though).

3) If I play multiple songs from the same album, only the first song shows a notification.



- Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (GNOME 3.36.2)

- Spotify version, installed via Ubuntu Software store


I understand that this issue is probably relevant to a very small userbase, but I really would like to have desktop notifications while listening on my phone (as it has better audio output quality). Would really appreciate if this can be fixed!

Screenshot from 2020-06-15 11-43-29.png
Screenshot from 2020-06-15 11-43-50.png
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I can confirm that this is also happening to me. I am running it using the Spotify Flatpak version which is the latest at the time of posting. The device playing the music for me is a fully updated iPhone. I can provide additional details about my desktop that the notifications are messed on if necessary.

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I am facing the same issue on Fedora 23 and using the snap package.