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Linux Spotify Logout After Shutdown

Linux Spotify Logout After Shutdown

Hi guys, i have problem with Spotify in my Linux.
My Spotify automatically logout after laptop shutting down. I use 1: version and distro Devuan Chimaera

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Hey @radhityax 


When logging in, do you make sure to add a tick to "remember me"?
Additionally, what could cause Spotify to log out at shutdown is this setting:


To check if this is disabled, click on the arrow next to your username top-right and select Settings. Scroll down and expand the Advanced settings, and there it will be as the last item.


Let me know how you get on! : )

Sorry late answer. Yes, i disable it (block all cookies) and enable remember me.. but why still logout after shutdown 🤔



Just to clarify, are you currently blocking the cookies or not? Asking because it's a bit confusing me 😄



No, i didnt


@radhityax, thank you for the screenshot 🙂

Have you tried reinstalling the app? Maybe it's just the case of a broken bit in the installation that forces logout, and reinstalling would wipe that.


Also, could you tell me what version of Spotify you're running, and where it's installed from (snap/flatpack/deb/...)



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