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Linux Sync Local Files to Android not working

Linux Sync Local Files to Android not working






Pixel 3 Android v10

Operating System

Mint 19.2


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When I try to sync local MP3 to my phone from Mint (repo install, not snap) it doesn't work at all, just sits there and says "Waiting to download." To rule out all other issues I rebooted into Windows 10, loaded up the same songs on spotify and it started syncing immediately. Any ideas?

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Have you checked your firewall settings in Mint to see if it is preventing the transfer?
It might be worth temporarily enabling logging of all dropped packets in the firewall settings and watching the log while you try to sync.
Exact steps will depend on what firewall you use.

I set my firewall to allow all connections from my local network, still no change. It doesn't appear to even recognize that I'm trying to copy the files over at all. It does show me if I'm listening on another device in the same network, just for some reason doesn't serve the MP3 from the Linux desktop client to the android client.

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