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Hello guys, 


Today I read in some forums that spotify stopped developing the Linux Version. Is that true? Any other way to use the app except wine?


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No, it is not true. There are continously new releases of the Linux client.


They probably refer to this community post that I wrote:


However, it is still not supported by the support team, meaning, you have to ask and dig around here to get answers.


There are currently no developers tasked to specifically fix problems in the linux client. It is mostly me pressing the release button every now and then and fixing a few bugs on my spare time. This is probably the reason people would call it "stopped developing". However, if there is a big regression, like lots of crashes for everyone in the audio stack, that makes the client behave really bad, others usually chime in and help, so in that sense, there are more developers. 


Also, since most of the code is shared by the Windows and Mac clients, improvements to those end up in the Linux client as well. For instance, 1.0.36 - the latest release on Win/Mac is in the Linux testing repo and soon 1.0.37 will be out in stable too.


You don't need wine. You can easily install it on Ubuntu by following the instructions here:


There is no official solution for RPM-based distributions. There is a thread about it here though:


Ok thank you very much!

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