Local flac files do not appear in my library on Linux

Local flac files do not appear in my library on Linux






Desktop PC and Laptop

Operating System

Linux (KDE Neon, with Ubuntu 20.04 base)

Spotify Version

1: (from the official Spotify public repository)


My Question or Issue

I recently discovered that Spotify has added support for local music in file formats other than mp3, which is awesome, and had me really excited. However, they still weren't showing up in my library, so I did some troubleshooting. I discovered that on my Windows 11 install, Spotify is able to detect my flac files just fine, they show up in my library as they should. However, they do not show up in my library on Linux. I even tried it before and after I reinstalled Linux on my machine, so this is still true even after I did a completely fresh install of Spotify. It is also true across both my desktop PC and my laptop.


Is this a bug, or has the local flac files feature not made it to Linux yet?

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Hey @OhHeyItsEvvy 


It could be that the Linux Spotify is a few versions behind and thus lacks some of the newest features, including the flac support. 🙂

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That feels strange to me, but if that's indeed the case, I wonder what would be the expected time frame for releasing this feature to Linux? It's been nearly a year since this question was asked, and still this isn't working for me. I would love to finally see this feature come to Linux as well.

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