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Low volume increment when controlling one device from another

Low volume increment when controlling one device from another




Device & Operating System

The issue concerns 2 devices

* Alcatel Tab 1T 7 running Android 8.1.0 - Spotify version

* Firefox (web player) running on Linux


My Question or Issue

I use 2 devices, an Android tablet and a PC running Firefox. The PC is the playback device while the tablet is used to control the PC. On the tablet, I can set the volume level of the PC but the volume increment is too low. To reach %100 volume from %0, I have to hit the volume button 60-70 times. To make a meaningful change in volume I have to spam the volume buttons for a few seconds. Is it possible to change increase the increment to %5-7 so I can quickly change the volume level?

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Hey @mrvictorywin,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community and welcome. 


To start investigating this case, since the playback comes from the PC, would you mind checking if this happens using a different browser and a private/incognito window? 

If you're using a VPN, we'd recommend turning it OFF and trying again to see if it makes any difference.

Lastly, could you confirm if the PC you're using is a work or personal PC?

We'll be on the lookout.

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I tested it with a fresh Chrome install, the issue persists.

Oh, I forgot to answer other questions. No VPN and personal PC.

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