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MPRIS Volume, Position, Seeked

MPRIS Volume, Position, Seeked





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It would be nice if the standard MPRIS properties at least for volume and position would be populated in DBus. Metadata with a lot of similar information is already reported, so I think this wouldn't be a major issue but it would help integration with the desktop a lot. With that it would probably also be nice if you could populate LoopStatus and Shuffle too.


Now it would be double nice if you could even provide support for toggling Shuffle over DBus and seeking using Seek and maybe even SetPosition. Implementing the Seeked Signal would make it even better for people reading from DBus.


There have been a few issues like this on the forum already but they haven't gotten any responses and are already all over a year old, so I'm posting this again.



Right now my solution to reading this is spamming the Spotify API with a request to get my current playback status every few seconds, which I don't think is a good solution for either party 😞


I would really love to have this so I could see the playback status in my status bar, on my desktop if I wish to or on devices I control my PC with.


Here are the technical specs of these properties and methods:

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