[Manjaro][Error code: 2] Service is temporarily unavailable

[Manjaro][Error code: 2] Service is temporarily unavailable









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Hi everyone,


Lately I'm unable to login since I updated a lot of packages and updated the kernel (4.19.13-1) in Manjaro system. Everytime I try to login I get the error 2 telling me the service is unavailable.


I have looked up a lot of topics with similar issues and tried their solutions but none of them worked out. I also thought that this issue was related to the source of the spotify so I tried installing from many different sources and all of them took me to the same error. What makes me think that can be a network problem, but I'm really newbie and couldn't figure any more places to look into.


Just for the record, now I have the Snap version of Spotify installed on my system.

Does anyone is experiencing the same issue in Manjaro or have any idea of whats happening?

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can you fix it?

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