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Musixmatch integration issues

Musixmatch integration issues

It seems there are currently multiple issues with the Musixmatch integration in Spotify for Windows:


  1. When editing songtexts Spotify changes into a mode where a song automatically is paused close to the end of the track. When one has finished editing, Spotify does not always leave this mode, i.e. continues to pause at the end of every track of the playlist (or radio station) that is playing.
  2. After editing/syncing a songtext Spotify does not remember that one just edited/synced that particular songtext. After saving it often happens that one is presented with the old/unsynced songtext again and Spotify asks again to add/sync the songtext (although one just did that).
  3. Often when adding/syncing a songtext an error message appears ("already_present"). However this is for tracks that (at least according to Spotify) did not have a songtext / were unsynchronized before.
  4. It seems Spotify shows somehow cached versions of the lyrics from Musixmatch, see first comment for details. (This might be related to 2. and 3.)

If you need more information on any of those issues just ask.

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And another serious issue:

It seems Spotify shows somehow cached versions of the lyrics from Musixmatch.


For one song I have updated lyrics 10 days ago.

Today I'm still presented with the outdated lyrics in Spotify!


Even worse: If I were to update the lyrics again I would overwrite my previous work! Now since it was my own work, it would only be a huge waste of time, but it could well be somebody elses work I could destroy that way!

I agree - I updated a song's lyrics via MusixMatch's website on November 27, but as of today (December 6) Spotify still displays the old lyrics. Presumably this will change at some point, but clearly Spotify doesn't sync with MusixMatch properly.

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