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No window icon in Wayland because app_id is not correctly set

No window icon in Wayland because app_id is not correctly set


Operating System

Linux distro running with Wayland and KDE


Spotify runs okay with Wayland now, though not without user input.
However, when run in Wayland the window icon does not display, instead the generic 'Wayland' yellow icon is shown. (Tested in KDE)

Steps the reproduce
1) Run Spotify on a Wayland-enabled distro



spotify --enable-features=WaylandWindowDecorations --ozone-platform=wayland %u



2) Observe: no windows icon (tested with KDE, not sure if the same occurs in Gnome)


1) This is because the app_id should be set correctly, but Spotify does not set any app_id. The app_id should be set, and it should match the .desktop file for the app (the first part of the name, before .desktop).

Observe the cause

1) Launch Spotify from the command line with Wayland debugging:



WAYLAND_DEBUG=1 spotify --enable-features=WaylandWindowDecorations --ozone-platform=wayland %u



2) Save the output
3) Search for 'set_app_id'
4) Observe:








1) The output should be:






Whereby Spotify sets an app_id and that app_id matches the first part of the desktop file name: which is: 'com.spotify.Client.desktop' i.e. the app_id should be 'com.spotify.Client'.

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Thanks for the detailed bug report. Will take a look at it soon

Hey, I inspected the problem. It seems that the underneath graphical library is not setting the app_id. I am already in talks with the main developer about that. I get back when there's an update from their end

Hows it going? In GNOME its even worse and this happens as of today.

Still happening, hopefully there will be a fix/patch soon.

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