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Out of memory when indexing local files

Out of memory when indexing local files







Operating System

Ubuntu 18.04


My Question or Issue

Adding local music collection as a source directory results in using up all available memory on an idling i7, 16 GB RAM machine. When it runs out of memory, the subprocess crashes. Restarting Spotify does not resume the indexing process. I managed to get to 3454 files indexed out of 34340 before it crashed.


It seems that this kept getting reported for the last 3 years, getting no attention and getting subsequently closed down with no action taken:


This is not a hard problem to fix, just put a cap on resources used for indexing in the algorithm and let it take longer. Making an assumption that your resources are not unlimited is how you code resource-intensive operations in the first place, this "bug" is plain stupid.


Most of this music is not on Spotify yet, it is a collection I've been building up for over 15 years. If I have to choose between using multiple apps and giving up the one with "discovery mode", I'd rather cancel my subscription and give up the one with "discovery mode" (Spotify).

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