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Prevent automatic song addition to queue on start up

Prevent automatic song addition to queue on start up

Hi all,


every time I start Spotify two songs are automatically added to the queue. If I clear the queue and restart the programme these songs are added back again. How can I prevent this from happening? Ideally the programme would start with an empty queue.


Thank you. 


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Hey @lads,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.


It'd be great for you to check this Spotify Answer and perform a clean reinstall of the app with your device. Deleting any remaining traces of your current Spotify setup and then installing the app from scratch might likely do the trick in this case.


Let us know how you get on. We'll look out for your reply and be here if we can help any further!

Mario Moderator
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Hi Mario,


I purge the package in two different computers as you suggested. It worked for a few days but at some point it started automatically adding songs to the queue again. Would you have a different solution to suggest?


Thank you.

Hello again,


just to bump this thread up. How can I disable the automatic song addition to the queue at start up?


Thank you.

Just another bump. Thank you for reading.

I don't understand. When I start spotify, it remembers what I played last time including the queue from last time.

You mean when you start spotify, it doesn't remember the songs you played last time and just add the same 2 songs into the queue?

If you installed it with snap, consider installing it the other way using your distro's repository. And vice versa.

You could also consider deleting all spotify-related files in /home/ and reinstall. It fixes a weird problem before in my case.

I also do NOT like Autoplay of songs after playing my Chosen song only. I have the Spotify Microsoft Windows PC Store APP. I have disabled Autoplay completely in the Settings but the QUE keeps filling up automatically with songs I do not want. Spotify will NOT ever stop playing, it keeps on and on playing forever. The only way to stop the App from continuous play is stop by pausing, closing the App or force rebooting my PC. I do not want any Autoplay in Spotify. As a matter of fact I'm thinking about switching to another music streaming service because Autoplay QUE is so annoying and it doesn't seem Spotify will ever give paid subscribers the option to stop it.

Having Spotify always filling up my playback queue automatically is not what I want.

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