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Saving music offline in a custom location creates empty folders

Saving music offline in a custom location creates empty folders




The Netherlands



Xiaomi Gaming Laptop

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Ubuntu 18.04 (dual boot with windows 10)


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I'm trying to save my offline music on my secondary hard drive, which I can access with both Ubuntu and Windows. When saving to this drive from Windows I have no issues, however when trying to save from Ubuntu all of the offline songs I download end up in the /home/user/.cache/Data folder instead of the specified location. In the specified location the same type of folder structure appears, but with very little to no actual data in the folders. The problem is the same when using symlinks.


Because of the issue I can't save all my songs because my Ubuntu is installed on a rather small partition. Anyone have any ideas what might be causing the issue?


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I just recently started having this issue on Ubuntu 19.04. It was having zero problems saving the songs to a secondary drive before. Now I can't even listen to my music without it filling up my SSD.

A temporary solution for this was to create a symlink between the Data folder located in Spotify's cache and a folder named Data located on the drive you want to store the music on.


To do this, delete the Spotify Data folder located in


then create a folder named Data (make sure it's called Data) on the drive that you want your offline music to be stored on. Then shift+ctrl click and drag that folder to



This will create a symlink and everything that would originally save to your main drive will be redirected to the other drive. I have yet to test this much but it seems to work while we wait for a fix.

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