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Settings can't be opened

Settings can't be opened

Hello, I'd like to report that I can't open the settings page from the Linux client. I click on the dropdown menu option, but nothing happens. The OS is Lubuntu 17.10, and the client version is 1:

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Hi, it is exactly the same for me. Except I am using Lubuntu 18.04

I confirm that this issue is still there, I recently upgraded to Lubuntu 18.04, too

Hi mate,


A roundabout way of getting to the settings, but you can open by going into "Local Files" (On the left) and there is a button "Go to Preferences" in the center of the screen.



Same for me on Fedora 28.

As workaround I'm using the shortcut Ctrl + P which works fine.

Using this workaround works also for Lubuntu 18.04, thanks @nyuuky

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