`Something wrong` message block interface.

`Something wrong` message block interface.







Operating System

Ubuntu 21.04

Spotify version, Copyright (c) 2021, Spotify Ltd


So something happened and I started to see this message and I could do nothing.
I started spotify through terminal with `--help` and I found

Use as root for the cache directory.

I created empty dir and set it as an cache-path . It helped.

We need to add opions `--purge` to purge all data
and `--purge-cache` to only purge cache.

AND it MUSTN'T block interface. This message is useles. There also should be button `reset spotify`


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And I also don't know what is actuall cache path. So I could purge it manually. Then I wouldn't need to start spotify manually from terminal every time.
If there would command which print all environments it would be very helpfull

Same happen to me after the latest automatic update by snap (

I had to delete the content of $HOME/snap/spotify/common/.cache/spotify and then it started working again.


Apart from that glitch, I'm glad to see the linux desktop version finally getting some updates, woo!

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